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Completing college education and earning graduation is an achievement itself. It is not easy to complete college education as it requires a lot of hard work and extreme ability to handle pressure. Those who are successfully able to complete college education and earn graduation have a special reputation in the society. College graduation is considered to be an achievement and individual who have college degrees are able to achieve good image and high regards in the society. Professional world also have the highest regards for such individuals as they know that it not easy to complete college graduation and earn college degrees.

However, there were many individuals who were not able to get college degrees and complete their education because of some legitimate reasons. Many could not afford the cost of education and were not able to fulfill their dreams of achieving college degrees and excelling in their careers. There were others who had no option but to quit education as they had to provide basic necessities of life to their families and limitations of time did not allowed them to complete their college studies. Despite their hard work and good performances in the field, these people are not able to get the promotions they deserve and their efforts are not acknowledged. The careers are halted at one position with no growth ahead just because they could not complete their education to earn college degrees which is considered to be a pre-requisite for promotions.

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