Life Experience University Introduces New Support System

Buck Creek, Indiana, September 18, 2014 – Life Experience University pledges to assist its students almost in every step from selecting a degree to post-graduate career guidance. Due to rising misconceptions relating to life experience degree, the experienced and renowned counselors of Life Experience University have vowed to help students step-by-step to make the best careers out of their accredited life experience degrees.

The labor force today is completely different from what it used to be decades back. Previously, men used to dominate the workforce and generally the employees were recruited on a common basis. However today, the workers are hired mostly on merit which has resulted the labor force to be much more diverse including people from different regions, culture, color, caste, creed, gender etc. Introduction and awareness of programs like seminars, events, courses, and knowledge, skills and abilities that are acquired while performing the job over a tenure has included employees in the workforce that do not have a particular degree. Surprisingly, there comes a point when the skills of such employees are ignored and they are considered less valuable than those who have degrees. These hard working professionals are even paid less and their promotions are overlooked just because they don’t have a degree. Life Experience University’s adaptation of online education and introduction of programs like accredited life experience degrees have minimized this gap and motivated such employees to earn life experience degrees.

Life Experience University is announcing the introduction of a revised support system for its students that will guide them properly on how to enroll for a life experience degree. This support system will include assistance to students in terms of consulting them about the degree that best matches their life experience and work experience, helping students in enrollment and documentation and once the life experience degree online is awarded then providing advices about resume and job hunting.

William Hobart, Spokesperson for Life Experience University says, “This new support system clarifies all the misconceptions about this program and guide the students to ultimate success, clearing all the confusion that students once had. Guiding the students from the start till the end of the process instills sheer confidence in Life Experience University’s students that provides them an edge in this competitive world and landing a good job becomes almost inevitable for them.”

Life Experience University is one of the leading online institutes providing online education to the world since its foundation. It is one of the few verified and accredited institutes that has a vast number of alumni working at prestigious organizations and experiencing growth since being awarded with accredited life experience degrees. It offers extensive list of online majors from arts, information technology to management sciences in programs like Associate, Bachelor, Master degrees.