Life Experience University – Make Your Experience Count

New York, NY, October 21, 2014 – Good news for accounting professionals! Life Experience University is offering online master’s degree in accounting which can surely help accountants to achieve further career goals.

One of most crucial tasks in an organization is managing its accounting records and working on them whenever the requirement comes. Companies recruit accountants at impressive salary packages to carry out such functions. The major point of inspiration for all accountants when they start their career is the position of CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and every accountant want to reach it as soon as possible. This position inspires many to choose this career as it also gives an opportunity to be a partner at a well reputed accounting company. Obviously a lot of hard work is required to reach and achieve this position and many accountants are willing to do anything to reach it. The job description for this position is treasury management, audit management, management of cash flow and management of financial department as a whole, and this is not easy. That is why accountants are paid huge salaries, attractive benefits and good work environments and everything possible is done to retain them. Those who have interest in accounting or inspired by accountants, enroll themselves in top notch institutes and pay huge sums of fees to earn degrees and certifications in accounts which makes them eligible for entering the accounting career. But there are many individuals who cannot get these certification due to legitimate reasons but have enough work experience in the accounting domain.

The years of experience in accounting domain of these professionals make them best and better than many who just have a degree. But as these professionals don’t have a master’s degree, the promotions they deserve are not granted to them. It is unfortunate to see such credible professionals suffer and therefore Life Experience University announces to offer online master’s degree in accountings to value the experience of such professionals. Such professionals can now apply for online master’s degree in accounting and make their life experience in the domain count. The degree will be granted after careful assessments of experts’ panel on the life experience of the interested candidate.

While performing the job duties as an accountant, it gets difficult to manage daily routine. The workload makes it even difficult to take time out for families and friends. In such a busy routine, taking out time for attending classes and assessments to obtain a traditional master’s degree is near to impossible. Life Experience University provides an opportunity for such professionals to get their work experience counted and transform it into an online master’s degree. Those accounting professional who think they have enough experience and knowledge in the field can surely avail this option by applying for online master’s degree in accounting.

This degree makes promotions possible for candidate as the master’s degree acknowledges the experience and powerful knowledge of the individual in the field of accounting. Not only the promotions but it also open up and increase the career opportunities of the professional both nationally and internationally. It completes the resume of the individual that eventually adds to number of career opportunities. Hence accountants who cannot complete their traditional education should definitely apply for online master’s degree and step ahead in their lives and careers.