Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is an academic document that recognizes knowledge and learning gained by an individual outside a traditional academic environment.

Prior learning assessment is rehearsed in any nation utilizing professional instruction and preparing methods as a method of preparing people in abilities needed in the working environment. It is likewise utilized as a part of some private and open division associations with the end goal of recruitment, execution administration, profession and progression arranging.

Degrees Based on Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment has picked up significant use in universities and schools of different varieties, incorporating accepted schools and colleges and advanced internet taking in projects. While tried and true foundations have received Prior Learning Assessment out of need because of social order’s request that significant taking in is not limited to the classroom, their goal is to utilize this instrument as negligibly as could reasonably be expected. These establishments produce a huge number of dollars in income by needing in-class participation for hypothetical taking in, and hence just a little minority of learners who accompany this model gain a degree in 4 years.

How to Qualify for PLA?

There are two approaches to qualify:

Make a Professional Training Portfolio.
This portfolio will incorporate a depiction of an institutional or corporate instructional class, the date it was finished, number of hours of preparing and other fundamental data, for example, a course portrayal.

Compose an Experiential Taking in Article on a Sanctioned Topic
Experiential articles must be chosen from a rundown of sanction points and composed in Kolb’s experiential taking in model.

What Prior Learning Assessment Brings You?

This prior learning assessment degree will bring you recognition and acclaim. You will be given preference over your peers. If your knowledge about your particular field is vast and unmatched you will immediately be given recommendation. Through the prior learning assessment degree you will particularly gain a top spot among your prospective employers. You will be recognized through your knowledge skills that you have acquired during the course of your entire lifetime. Life Experience University helps you get recognized on the basis of your exceptional knowledge.

Prior Learning Assessment Process

To apply for a PLA program, you must have some credit hours in your past degree that remained incomplete. These credit hours if meets the requirement of the PLA criteria defined by the university, you will be awarded PLA degree. If you intend to use this credit in future they will remain there in your portfolio and will be adjusted in future vocational degree.

Before you submit an application to LEU, we advise you to contact the student counselor available 24/7 to guide you and to help you out in your submission. They will guide you the right path and will provide you all the documentation details which will save your time, money and effort.