Work Experience Degree

What if you get to hear one day that you can start off your school again? The saying that a person starts learning since birth and it ends with his grave. You get to learn something new and different every day even after you leave school. In fact, the most significant and important learning in most starts when they step into an outer world which is completely different from their school and college. The experience gained in this outer world is truly beneficial for a professional. Work Experience Degrees is the transformation of this experience into a vocational degree. These degrees document your experience and achievements.

Work Experience Degrees Are Your Recognition for Immense Contribution inthe Field

Years ago there wasn’t any system of valuing people who have good experience in their field. People despite having years of experience and excellent performances were left to struggle at one position. It was unfair, therefore, online education introduced a system for valuing the experience of these people and rewarding them with work experience degrees so that they can enhance their careers. Work experience degrees are awarded to individuals after analyzing their experience. Those who have relevant experience in their field can apply for work experience degrees and make the most out of it. Work experience degrees are a great value addition to any resume or Curriculum Vitae. Organizations reward their employees who achieve any certificates relevant to the job, hence, work experience degrees will help you get rewarded at your organization. Organizations will increase your salaries and your position once you get the work experience degrees. Thus, apply for work experience degrees now to get deserving increments in terms of salaries and hierarchal positions.

The Concept of Degree Based On Work Experience

As it was a bit unfair for people who have enough experience but incomplete education to struggle whole lives in order to gain career growth. Online education introduced a system of degree based on work experience to value the experience of these individuals. Degree based on work experience help these individuals to reach career positions they deserve. Before the concept of degree based on work experience, these hard working individuals could do nothing but see others being promoted to their deserving positions. But the degree based on work experience helps them achieve their career goals and reach top management positions. The concept of awarding degree based on work experience is quite simple, the faculty of the accredited online institute examines the work experience of the individual and if they have enough experience in the field then they are eligible to be awarded with degree based on work experience.

Degrees Based On Work Experience Are Much More Valuable

Why is education important and why should you avail it? Education is important as it plays a vital role in providing knowledge to the individual and grooming one’s personality so that individual can enter the corporate world and make a better future. As it is the basic element for entering the corporate world, thus it gets important to understand the phenomenon of the corporate world before choosing the medium for education. Corporate world values experience a lot and above anything else and as the competition is rising, the value of work experience is rising with it. Online education has further increased the value of experienced individuals by providing degrees based on work experience. The intense competition has urged recruiters to consider individuals who have degrees based on work experience over others. The reason behind this behavior of recruiters to choose individuals with degrees based on work experience is that organizations want to defeat their competitors and it is important to hire individuals who have a great experience in the field. The winning ideology of organizations has further increased the value of degrees based on work experience. Therefore, the popularity of degrees based on work experience are on the rise and if you think you have enough experience in the field, then you must apply now for degrees based on work experience to add value to your C.V and enhance your career growth.

How Does It Work?

LEU has prepared and offering degree programs, accredited by the AOAEX and IAO which will help you in converting your work experience into credit hours for a specific degree. You must have spent 20 to 30 years in your field to become expert of that, shouldn’t they be rewarded? We think they should.

These are not the free degrees or can be awarded to any individual. It requires certain years of experience and has some specific criteria that are to be fulfilled by an applicant and their credentials in a particular field of study will be analyzed and checked thoroughly.

To get register for a work experience degree, you need to fill out the application form and once your form will be submitted successfully, your credentials will be reviewed by our staff through a defined process. Based on which you will be shortlisted for the next step of earning college credit for work experience.

Checklist for a Work Experience Degree

Before getting enrolled into any degree program make sure you have checked out for the following things,

  • The degree is accredited and accepted worldwide
  • The credit hours matches the degree acceptance requirement
  • It should be relevant with your field of work experience
  • The degree must be accepted by your employer and the learning portals.
  • College credit for work experience must be approved higher education ministry

Life Experience University helps and guides individuals and adults who are seeking work experience degrees to boost their careers. By earning a college credit for work experience degree, an individual can get a promotion at his workplace or he can even change his career track on the basis of his acquired set of skills and work experience degree. An individual who has acquired a college credit for work experience degree can join any university to acquire higher education. The university will reduce his credit hours on the basis of his work experience degree.

Guidelines for Students

Students enrolling for a work experience degree must make sure that they have all the original documents required for issuance of degree. The documents will be verified and checked through a standard process. The process will be similar for all the applicants having work experience of more than 03 years. For further questions and discrepancies, contact the student counselor available 24 hours at your assistance.


Work experience degree earned through Life Experience University offers a number of benefits.

  • Expectations of professional environment
  • Software processes undertaken
  • Professional Interactions
  • Improved research skills


Eligibility criteria to acquire work experience degree includes:

  • An graduate/undergraduate qualification
  • training to acquire skills specific to your field of study
  • a considerable time span spent on a job
  • complete academic and work experience documents.


Students and working adults interested in acquiring their work experience degree from Life Experience University must fill an online application form.

The individual is required to submit his/her educational and work documents that are evaluated by an expert panel at the university.